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The Amazing Elements of Gold Rush Slot

One of the games in casinos that feature attractive icons and an exciting game play, Gold Rush Slot has interesting icons and impressive payout schedule that makes it fascinating to gamblers. In addition, bets in this slot variation are lower when compared with other games, which mean that players can enjoy more and worry less since they will not lose big stakes in this game. Hence, to maximize winning opportunities in this game, it is important that they first learn its fundamental elements like game play and payout schedule.

Gold Rush Slot Machine Specs

Gold Rush Slot is similar with other classic versions that have three reels and a single pay line. On the other hand, this slot variation is special since it features multi-coin denominations machines that accept a minimum bet of 5 cents and a maximum bet of $5. Another attractive feature of this slot variation is it can accommodate 30 players in a single game session. However, players should know that it has no bonus feature or a scatter icon that can further increase their winnings.

Gold Rush Slot Game Special Icons

Even if the slot variation has no scatter icons, players can increase their winnings if they get at least one wild icon. Meanwhile, if they are lucky enough and they get two Old Prospector icons as part of any of the winning combination, then they can increase their winnings to four times their original payouts. Aside from wild icons, players can also see other icons in this slot variation, which include a single gold bar, a bag of money, double gold bars, Prospector Pan symbol and triple gold bars.

Gold Rush Slot Machine Payout Schedule

The payouts that players get in Gold Rush Slot are based on the amount of coins that they bet. Bets may vary from one to three coins, so the higher the bets that players place, the bigger the possible winnings that they get from this slot game. Players who get three single bars automatically get payouts ranging from three to nine coins. Meanwhile, those who get three double bars get payouts ranging from 5 coins to 15 coins. Moreover, when they get three triple bars then they get to coins to 30 coins as their winnings.

In addition, players who get three money bags win 15 coins to 45 coins, depending on the bets that they place before the game started. On the other hand, three Prospector Pans give out a payout ranging from 20 coins to 60 coins. Finally, when players get an Old Prospector icon then the winnings that they get from this exciting slot variation range from 100 coins to 300 coins.

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