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Online Progressive Slots for the Win

Online casino's progressive slots are the real dream creators of the gambling industry. A player can choose from a set of life changing prizes. Real-time jackpot tickers provides temptation by letting the player take a quick look how much he may win if he hits the jackpot combination.

In every coin use, the price of the jackpot increases by a slight fraction. The rule is that only those who wager on maximum credits in every spin will qualify for the jackpot but all players (not considering the credits used per play) add an amount to the jackpot. So when playing progressives, always bet on the required maximum credits.

There are various progressive games. Being able to know these games, one's play would be more strategic. Look around and observe.

Individual Progressives

This slot machine is self-sufficient. It will not obtain from or play a part to the jackpot of another machine.

Linked Progressives

As implied by its name, these machines are set as group and are hooked up by electronic means. They play a part to one common jackpot that can get really high.

Multi-location Progressive Machines

In winning the jackpot of one of these machines is a life-changing event. Several hundreds of machines set up in many casinos all offer that big pot of money. It is like playing the lottery. The odds are small but remember someone is always winning in the lottery too.

All over many land-based and online casinos are a number of identical progressive slot machines, but the given jackpots are very much of different sizes. Why not take the risk on the machine that gives out the biggest jackpot?

Remember to always play in maximum credits on progressives. One would regret forever if he failed to collect the biggest jackpot because he did not set the game to the maximum bet. One coin at a time is to prolong playing time so, if this is what the player wants, he should not sit on a progressive slot machine.

Over and over again there's news that somebody got the enormous jackpot after consuming only a small amount of time and money on a slot machine. This is true. Most of the significant winnings are hit after only some minutes of play. This happens not because the machines are generous at the start. It's because majority of players can't remain on one machine for more than ten to twenty minutes. If a player does not win, he transfers to another machine.

Just remember in playing slots, the time and money to spend should be considered before entering the online casino. How much time or money to spend is dependent on one's temperament and his financial budget.

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